Living Sustainably: Recycle and Receive at Holland BPW’s Holiday Light Exchange

By Morgan Kelley, Holland Board of Public Works Did you know holiday string lights cannot be recycled in everyday recycling? They not only contain a large amount of rubber and plastic, and sometimes glass, but also copper. These materials do not biodegrade easily, and copper is a valuable metal. But by participating in the Holiday […]

Living Sustainably: Right gifting grows relationships – with nature and people

By Evan Bright, Intern Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute As the leaves fall, we know that the season of “gifting” will be upon us before we know it. Folks will flock to stores to check off gifts for family and friends, one by one. The holiday season can include an obligation of generosity, where if we […]

Living Sustainably: Research studies how and why dunes move

By Jacob Stid In Holland, we have access to a unique system of coastal dunes. Dunes are highly valued for their natural beauty and lakeside views. Unfortunately for those who live on the coasts, dunes migrate and change over time and have even been known to bury human structures. Thus, until recently, studies of dune […]

Living Sustainably: Family fun is set for ODC Treats and Trails

By Ashley Van Zee, ODC Network Treats and Trails is a chance for families to enjoy a safe and fun walk along the trails of the Outdoor Discovery Center with games and candy treats as well as opportunities for up-close and personal wildlife encounters. The evening offers:  Plenty of activities to entertain children of […]

Please join us in our new “Fill it Forward” Cupanion Cup Initiative!

We are all aware of the issues surrounding the impact we have on our environment and its up to each of to help keep our planet clean for generations to come.  Hope College is committed to minimizing our impact on the planet and helping those in need; and we have a new and exciting initiative […]

Living Sustainably: Holland: Working towards healthy people, healthy planet, healthy community

By Ken Freestone, City of Holland Holland has a world class 40-year Community Energy Plan with goals that have guided our efforts to reduce our per capita carbon dioxide emissions. To date, we have made great progress in energy efficiency while maintaining cost effective, reliable and clean energy supplies. But we know that we still […]

Living Sustainably: Celebrate: Save money, cut carbon and breathe easier

By Anne Saliers, Holland Board of Public Works With the sun having crossed the equator and daylight shortening, I find myself instinctively adding items I haven’t worn in months as I dress in the morning. Things like a sweater, sometimes a jacket, and socks. Flip-flops have migrated to the back of the closet. Around the […]