Green Commute Week 2020

The annual Green Commute Week hosted by the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to try out a greener commute option (and be entered into a drawing for prizes). We hope you’ll join our continuing efforts to create a more sustainable campus by participating in this year’s program. […]

Living Sustainably: Holland’s Energy-Saving Trees Program Adds 500 Plantings

By Anne Saliers, Holland Board of Public WorksHolland’s Energy-Saving Trees Program grew from 300 to 500 trees in this the second year of the program. A partnership of Holland Board of Public Works and the City of Holland, the program saw 500 trees planted recently by homeowners, bringing the two-year total to 800 trees.Developed by […]

Living Sustainably: Green Commute Week – Let’s Work Together to Build a Healthier Community

By Mara Gericke, Macatawa Area Coordinating CouncilGreen Commute Week is an annual event designed to promote awareness about green transportation options that benefit the environment, the budget, and both personal and community health.If you regularly participate in Green Commute Week, you may have noticed that spring came and went this year without mention of the […]

Living Sustainably: Put nature to work for more effective gardening

By Kelly Goward, Macatawa Area Coordinating CouncilThe urban environment is dominated by buildings, pavement, lawns, and other non-natural elements.We constantly struggle against nature to maintain our built environment, especially our lawns and gardens.This can include the use of fertilizers and pesticides that, if used improperly, can cause environmental harm. Our built landscapes can also be […]

Living Sustainably: Webinar to offer economists’ approach to environmental

By Regan Corum and Sarah Estelle, Hope CollegeEnvironmentalists and economists agree: Sustainability of natural resources is an important, timely issue. It’s worth our best efforts now to conserve and wisely utilize society’s scarce resources.This Labor Day, Hope College’s Markets & Morality program is hosting a virtual event on stewardship, environmental health, and markets featuring economist […]

Living Sustainably: Child’s words clarify career goal

By Mia Lindberg, Ready for SchoolThey say sometimes you just need to talk to a 4-year-old to understand life. For me, this could not be more true. I chose my career path of public health over lunch with a 4-year-old.My relationship with Ready for School began as a volunteer the summer before my senior year […]

Living Sustainably: Value calculation improves for electric vehicles

By Barry Rutherford, Holland Board of Public WorksWe all like to get value out of our hard-earned dollars. Whether we are buying groceries or data plans for our phones, or even determining whether to buy a daily or annual pass to a park, we are constantly calculating the best value.Value calculations can change over time, […]

Living Sustainably: Online Census count saves resources, benefits our community

By Esther Fifelski, City of HollandThe Constitution requires that every person residing in the United States and U.S. territories be counted every 10 years though a Census.The data derived from the Census determines how billions of tax dollars are distributed to states, cities, and local organizations and individuals. Michigan also uses the data to distribute […]

Living Sustainably: Germany offers ideas for sustainable redevelopment

By Eric Schumann ’21, Hope College Office of SustainabilityEvery global recession results in an economic restart. Governments flood stimulus packages to citizens to ensure some economic activity, but typically without regard for environmental consequences.Our post-coronavirus economic recovery offers an opportunity to address environmental sustainability, especially with regard to the challenges posed by our changing climate.But […]

Living Sustainably: Smart clothes shopping has big impact

By Elizabeth Merrit ’20, Hope College Green TeamWhat you spend your money on says a lot about what you value. Yet, many people do not think of their purchases in this way, especially when it comes to apparel. Although there are some very conscientious companies, many supply chains trace back to unethical practices, human trafficking, […]