Living Sustainably: Volunteers tackle trash – in Holland and globally

By Evan Bright, Dec. 2019 Hope College graduate and intern with the Holland-Hope Sustainability Institute Volunteers around the world – and in Holland – will flock to streets, rivers, beaches, and forests this Saturday, Sept. 21, in a communal effort to rid our beautiful planet of litter and mismanaged waste. World Cleanup Day has become […]

Living Sustainably: Think ‘glocal’ about our threatened water resource

By Michelle Gibbs, Office of Sustainability Glocal water. What in the world is that?  The term glocal refers to considering a particular topic from both a global and local perspective. And, in our area, water certainly is a topic we should approach that way, thinking about how our choices are impacting our local water as […]

Living Sustainably: Preserving farmland ensures future food

By Becky Huttenga, Ottawa County Economic Development When you boil it right down, the term sustainability really just means ditching the mindset of “there will always be more.” More fossil fuels. More places to put our trash. More safe water. More clean air. More abundant food. Let’s focus here on that last one: more food. […]

Living Sustainably: Two events will celebrate the works of Wendell Berry

By Mary Huisman and Peter Boogaart, Creation Care Group The thoughts and works of Wendell Berry, among the greatest living American writers, will be the focus of two special events in Holland on Sept. 13 and 14. A writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction essays, Berry examines both community and nature, reflecting on their relationship […]

Living Sustainably: Holland’s Energy-Saving Trees Program nets 300 plantings

By Morgan Kelley, Holland Board of Public Works The Holland Board of Public Works partnered with the City of Holland this past April to provide the Energy-Saving Trees Program, a project that netted 300 new trees in the community. Developed by the Arbor Day Foundation, the Energy-Saving Trees Program educates homeowners about the energy-saving benefits […]

Living Sustainably: Tree benefits branch far out

By Zoe Gum, Alec Berrodin and Katelyn DeWitt, Hope College Biology Students How much is that tree in your front yard worth? Sure, you might cash in once on its lumber value – or you could treat it as a long-term investment. In the latter case, the value will grow tremendously as the tree ages and provides […]

Living Sustainably: Healthy home and healthy world go hand-in-hand

By Cait Seppo, Seppo Chiropractic Single-use plastic is an issue I’ve become extremely conscious about in my life. It didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t even start over a concern for our planet. It was, in fact, my passion for all things health and wellness that led me down this road. It all started with a reusable water […]

Living Sustainably: How ‘Green’ is Your Coffee?

By Tom Bultman, Hope College Many of us enjoy a “cup of Joe” in the morning. For some of us, it’s a prerequisite for productive work. All total, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day, mostly in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Many of us enjoy this daily ritual without much thought […]

Living Sustainably: Innovation and growth talk grows louder

By Jennifer Owens, Lakeshore Advantage When I left my economic development role in Ann Arbor, one of the things I missed the most professionally was overhearing entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to potential investors at coffee shops, oftentimes, college kids talking about a new technology they had started at U-M’s lab. Sometimes I would interrupt if I could add value. Other […]

Green Commute Day – UPDATE Tuesday, July 23

****UPDATE: Green Commute Day is moving to Tuesday, July 23rd due to the extreme heat expected on Friday**** The fun doesn’t have to end in May! In addition to Green Commute Week, the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) is announcing various Green Commute Days throughout the year. Unlike Green Commute Week, no registration is required and each person […]