Hope College Alumni Sustainability Affinity Group December 2022 Newsletter

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2022 Alumni Sustainability Affinity Group Pledge

The Hope College Alumni Sustainability Affinity Group challenges you to commit to one of our three sustainability pledges this November. This pledge challenge is open to all alumni, staff/faculty, and current students and we will announce the group with the most pledges at the end of November. How will you go green with the orange …

Plastic Drive – Calling All Plastics!

Kara Brems | brems@hope.edu | Dance Dearest Hope Faculty and Staff, Do you have plastic trash at home that you don’t know what to do with? Plastic pieces that are not recyclable, but which you hate to throw away, knowing they will make their way into a landfill? We have a solution! We are hoping you can …

Dr. Christians and Dr. McMullen summer research – Green Fund and Campus Carbon Footprint

Photos from summer research with Dr. Christians and Dr. McMullen. Mark Krudy’s work focused on researching best practices for establishing a campus green fund. Gracie Hill and Bella Tafarello focused on analyzing the HVAC system in Hope’s Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts. Their analysis is helping the Hope Physical Plant better understand the …

Dr. Philben’s summer research – Mechanisms of natural carbon sequestration in peat bogs

Photos from Dr. Philben’s summer research team! Their team is studying how the release of nutrients from organic matter will increase with warming due to climate change. This will determine if the bog will be able to sequester additional carbon due to faster plant growth. #sustainablehope

Food Service Industry Protein Sustainability Scorecard

“Our food system has major impacts on the environment. Agriculture occupies half of all ice-free land on Earth, and the global food system is responsible for 20%-37% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Animal products have a much larger environmental footprint than plant-based foods, using more resources and causing more greenhouse gas emissions… A shift toward plant-based foods …

2022 Sustainability Research Projects

In Holland, we believe that in order to become a vibrant, world-class community we must look at all aspects of our community.  This includes the “Triple Bottom Line” and the economic, social, and environmental impacts we all have. Our City of Holland Sustainability Committee created a seven-pillar framework with “lenses” to help us evaluate and make more sustainable …

NEW Environmental Internship Fund for Hope College Students

Are you considering pursuing an internship addressing environmental advocacy and/or education with a non-profit organization for this summer? If so, Hope College is offering a new funding source to support a low or non-paid role: the Environmental Internship Fund. This new fund will provide up to $4,000 to support a full-time summer internship addressing a …

Join Hope Advocates for Sustainability for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Hope Advocates for Sustainability (HAS) is NOW HIRING for the 2022-2023 school year! Apply now on Handshake to join this amazing team of interns who are passionate about sustainability and making a change on campus. Head to Handshake to read more about each position.

Hope College Carbon Footprint Summer Research

The Carbon Footprint SHARP Research position is open for applications. The research focuses on Hope’s carbon footprint and energy usage. If this is something that interests you, click here for more information.