Nykerk Withdrawals

Oh No! Not another blog about Nykerk…well I can’t help it. It is been a part of my life for the last two years, and now it is done. I must write about it to commend the memories and people that have inspired me along the Nykerk Way.

If you are reading this and you are thinking, “What on earth is Nykerk?!?!,” then read this blog from my fellow blogger, Brooke Wharton ’18. She sums it up superbly!

This is picture of the ODD year play girls (’17) preforming their play on Nykerk Day.

So Nykerk from my perspective: a playboy….”WHAT!?!? A playboy.” Don’t fret. Not what you’re thinking. As Brooke mentioned, there are three different types of events that go on at Nykerk: song, oration, and PLAY.




Sarah Jane
This is picture of Reveal Night, when my code name was announced and my playgirl, Sarah Jane, discovered who I was!

As a playboy, it is my job to morale for the play girls (and thus, that is why I am called a playboy.) As a playboy, first, it is my job to flower one specific girl with gifts, emails, encouragement, and support as her life becomes consumed with the busy joy that we call Nykerk. Oh! And I forgot to mention, she has no idea who I am. 🙂 Secondly, with my fellow playboys,  we build the set for the show which we work on every evening. We then are the set crew on the actual performance day. Lastly, we create skits every night for the girls. We perform them after their practice in hopes to make them laugh. All in all, Nykerk is a huge time commitment. At LEAST 2 hours every night, but usually much more. So yes…It is a HUGE commitment, but so so so so so so (get my point?) so worth it.

“Why is it so worth it?” you might ask. WELL, it is fun. I had a blast building a set for the show as well as creating as preforming skits every day. It is fun because I got to support my playgirl from afar while knowing she had no idea who I was. But do you want to know the deep root behind the fun? The people. I am so fortunate to have done play this year and gotten to build these amazing relationships with my Nykerk Play Family. That’s right…FAMILY. We have all grown close over the last three weeks and I am honored to call each and everyone of them my friends. They all hold a special place in my heart.

So this brings me back to the title of the post: “Nykerk Withdrawals.” As of Monday this week, my Nykerk season officially ended. It ended with some tears, laughs, and many hugs. Due to me not being either an underclassmen next year, my time with Nykerk has reached its end. It is now a part of my past and I am going to miss it, as I do now…but I can walk away proudly and look back on each and every play member and say, without hesitation, “I had the time of my life, and I own it all to you…”

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