The Must-Do’s of Fall Break

Fall Break – the first return home of the year for most students, smacked right in the beginning of the pumpkin-spiced season we all call fall.

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What does one do on this Fall Break? Here are a few must’s.

Go apple/pumpkin picking. 

This is clearly at the top of everyone’s to-do lists over break. Who doesn’t love donuts and cider from the farm they grew up going to?

Catch up on some Netflix. Maybe a season or three.

All I can say is I’m not exaggerating. I know people who have gone through entire seasons in just three short days. It’s nothing to worry about; all the exams and meetings from the past couple weeks haven’t allowed for adequate down time.

If you’re not a TV watcher, finally read those books you’ve been meaning to get to. 

This is, unashamedly, me. I can’t watch more than three quarters of a 40-minute Netflix episode at a time. I can, however, read for hours at a time when I’m given it.

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Bake. Pumpkin bread, preferably. 

There’s nothing better than warm baked goods in the fall. We all know that anything pumpkin flavored is in season right now. I checked this one off my list with some pumpkin pecan bread.

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Get a hair cut. Everyone does it. I did it last year. 

I don’t know what it is about the fall in college the makes people want to chop off all their hair. It’s adorable, but I can’t figure out where the drive comes from. Maybe all the change in weather, leaf colors, and environment leads to it.

Family time, this includes pets.

You haven’t seen your dog or your mom in almost two months. Admit you’re deprived, that you didn’t love her as much as she deserved before you left, and remember how they run for you every time you come home.

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Enjoying some good home-cooked meals. Phelps just doesn’t cut it sometimes. 

Phelps is a great place to eat in terms of variety at each meal, but sometimes it isn’t what you’re used to eating, and the repetition can get a little boring. At this point, you’ve had to start getting creative with quesadillas in the panini maker and you’ve sampled every cereal there is. You’re ready for mom’s cooking again.

Visit that one restaurant that Holland doesn’t have. Chipotle, I’m talking to you. 

This is just my personal space to rant about how Holland doesn’t have a Chipotle. I have to drive all the way to Grand Rapids just to get a fresh, hand-made burrito? Outrageous. Okay, so there might be other more local restaurants and diners that you were thinking of, but for some reason Chipotle is always what comes to mind when I’m going home. Burritos are important.

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I hope everyone on campus or off campus had a great and relaxing Fall Break! It’s good to bed back at Hope, though. Feel free to add more Fall Break must’s if you’d like in the comments. I’m open to suggestions.

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