From Holland to Detroit to Las Vegas… and Back

This past weekend (plus Monday and Tuesday) my family and I took a trip to Las Vegas. Hope students had the two extra days off for Winter Break and my mom wanted to take advantage of what might be the last time my family is (mostly) all able to get together for a family vacation. […]

From the East to the West: What the Across-State Transition Is Really Like

Sometimes you don’t know there are better places for you other than the one you grew up in until you’re thrust into them. I’d never lived anywhere but the suburbs of Detroit, whether it be Birmingham or Troy, MI. These places were comfortable to me. I’d been on vacations, but those places never felt like […]

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Save Your Homework for Sunday

The last few weekends I’ve been in the horrible habit of consolidating all of my work due Monday to being finished on Sunday. It sounded like a good idea on Friday and Saturday, when I took rest days, hung out with friends and such. But once Sunday rolls around and I finally open up my […]

Writing for Media at Hope College

One of my jobs on campus, this job, is essentially the title of this blog post: Writing for Media at Hope College. However, when I titled that post I wasn’t planning on talking about my job as a student blogger, though it is relevant. Right now I’m enrolled in a communications course (Comm 255) called […]

Defeating the College Major Label [Part 1]

Hello again! We’ve officially survived our first week of classes here at Hope! I’m writing now about a very personal experience that I had over winter break. I find this topic relevant to most college students, which is why I’ve decided to be vulnerable and share it. Among the oodles and doodles of time I […]

So You Want to Come to Hope

While lying in my bed over Christmas break I began getting all sorts of notifications from the Hope College admitted student’s Facebook group. This is a group that prospective students for the following academic year are able to access once they’ve received their acceptance letter. I was instantly brought back to my days as an […]

Reflections on Another Semester Past

The semester isn’t entirely over – I still have three more finals to take (Curse you, finals schedule, for making me have two finals on Friday). Yet it pretty much is done, and with the minimal time that I have not spent studying, I’ve been sitting around and thinking about how much has changed since […]

The Anatomy of the Desk: Stressed vs. Unstressed

Lately I’ve been noticing certain specifics in my life and wondering: If I were in a novel, would this be symbolic? Would this be metaphorical, or hold some kind of connotation other than the literal? Maybe this is just a crazy English major problem, but it’s been on my mind. One of the biggest areas […]

“Major”-ly Confused (and Embarrassed)

A few weeks ago you may have read a blog post I wrote, raving about how excited I was to be a teacher and how good I felt dressing for my future job. Which is why I now feel embarrassed to admit that I don’t think I want to be a teacher anymore. I mean, I […]

How to Survive The Pre-Thanksgiving Break Itch

You can feel it in your bones – the need to get out, to put down your pencil, to print out the final draft of your ten-page research paper, close your computer, and breathe. I feel it, too. The itch, the annoyance, the anxiousness that hits us every time we’re about to go on break. […]