Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Save Your Homework for Sunday

The last few weekends I’ve been in the horrible habit of consolidating all of my work due Monday to being finished on Sunday. It sounded like a good idea on Friday and Saturday, when I took rest days, hung out with friends and such. But once Sunday rolls around and I finally open up my planner, I’m in for a long day at the library.

If there were a “Be Like Me” Facebook meme for this situation, it would say this:

Here’s why you shouldn’t be like me and should get a bit of a start on your homework prior to Sunday:

Your weekend will feel much more balanced.

When you aren’t saving all of your work for one day and instead work on it in increments, everything feels a bit more steady. Too much fun in one day and not enough in another leaves you feeling overwhelmed or dry.

You’ll do better work.

If you’re rushing to do all of your homework in one day, it’s not going to be done as well as if you’d taken the time to do it over a couple of days.

Sundays should be for relaxation and God.

If you’re cooped up in the library all day, your week is kind of off to a bad start. Not to mention that Sundays are meant to be a day of worship.

You’ll get more sleep.

Every Sunday I have priorities besides homework, like the Gathering and a business meeting with my sorority. The Gathering starts at 8:00 p.m. and our business meetings sometimes go past midnight. That means if I don’t finish my homework before, I’m in for a long night. By spreading my homework out, I could get more sleep.

Less stress.

Saving everything for one day can be overwhelming, whether or not you know what you’re in for or not. You could have one assignment due, though likely not, or you could have ten. Make sure you check before you save everything for the last day.

If those reasons aren’t convincing enough for you, by all means try saving all your work for one day and let me know how it goes. You may deal with it differently, better than I do. However I encourage you to do otherwise and at least do some homework Friday afternoon, Saturday morning or afternoon.

Have a great week! I hope you’re not like me and cooped up at the library all day.


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