Manifold Greatness Lecture Series Concludes

The month long lecture series that coincided with Van Wylen’s hosting of the Manifold Greatness exhibit ended on March 29 when Dr. John Cox of the English department presented a lecture entitled “Manifold Greatness: Shakespeare and the Bible.” In this lecture, Cox talked about the various ways the Bible appears in Shakespeare’s writing. Shakespeare cites […]

Heideman Lecture

On Tuesday, March 20th, Dr. Eugene Heideman gave a lecture on the King James Bible and the Geneva Bible, as a part of the lecture series for the Manifold Greatness Exhibit. During his lecture, he discussed the theological and political origins of both translations, and placed them in historical relation to the other English translations […]

Gruenler Lecture Explores 1 Corinthians 13:12

On March 15, Dr. Curtis Gruenler of the English department presented a lecture on the various translations of 1 Corinthians 13:12 and how particular word choices affect meaning. This lecture was the seventh event of the month-long Manifold Greatness exhibit and lecture series at Van Wylen Library. In his lecture, Gruenler showed how the King […]

Rare Book Highlights: Shakespeare Folio and KJV Literary Influences

In addition to fifteenth and sixteenth century bibles, Van Wylen Library’s Manifold Greatness exhibit also has several other rare documents on display that have been influenced by the King James Bible. Many of Shakespeare’s works include Biblical references. Van Wylen Library has a leaf from the second folio of Love’s Labour Lost that demonstrates this. […]

Heath Wiersma Discusses Text Image Interactions

As a part of the Manifold Greatness exhibit and programming for the month of March, Dr. Anne Heath Wiersma gave a lecture entitled “To See with a Vision Surpassing all Other Visions: the Medieval Tradition and Influence of Biblical Illustration on the King James Bible.” at Herrick Main Library on Monday, March 12th. She began […]

Makoto Fujimura Lecture Adds New Dimension to Manifold Greatness

On March 12, artist Makoto Fujimura presented a lecture on visual theology as part of the World Christians Lecture Series. Fujimura is an artist from New York who recently completed a project entitled The Four Holy Gospels, a work commissioned in light of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, in which Fujimura illuminated […]

Rare Book Highlights: Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Bibles

In addition to the panels on the first floor of Van Wylen, several rare books from Van Wylen and Beardslee Library’s collections are on display as part of the month-long Manifold Greatness exhibit. Among these books are four interesting Bibles published during the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Biblia Latina — 1479 On loan from Beardslee […]

Alvarez Lecture Discusses Printing Errors

On March 8, as part of the month-long Manifold Greatness exhibit and lecture series, Dr. Pablo Alvarez, Outreach Librarian and Curator at the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan, came to Van Wylen to discuss the process involved in the printing of the King James Bible that contributed to errors in the first […]

Preaching the Manifold Greatness

Rev. Dr. Trygve Johnson, Dean of the Chapel at Hope College, presented the second lecture of the month-long Manifold Greatness exhibit and programing series on March 6. The lecture, entitled “Preaching the Manifold Greatness: Lessons from the Authorized Version” both provided a brief history of the climate that led to the creation of the King […]

Restoration and Preservation of Family Treasures

Care and restoration of family bibles and other rare books was the topic of a workshop offered by the Herrick District Library Monday night. Approximately 40 people attended the hands-on workshop and were able to observe the cleaning and repair of several items from the Hope College Rare Book Collection. Kari Miller Fenwood, of Kari […]