Hannah Kenny’s Library Internship Experience

We hope you enjoy reading about Hannah’s experience at the Library, written at the end of the Spring semester ’21.

Hope College Digital Liberal Arts Website Redesigned 

Hannah Kenny ’21

Under the mentorship of Tori Longfield, Assistant Librarian for the Digital Liberal Arts, student intern Hannah Kenny redesigned the Hope College Digital Liberal Arts (Hope DLA) website this semester. 

Hope DLA is a digital archive for born-digital research projects (meaning the projects have been created in digital platforms to begin with). It hosts digital projects created by faculty, students, and Hope College classes. Hope DLA “projects are a product of the integration of technology and research in the classroom, independent research, or faculty-student research” (http://hopedla.org). Hope DLA was originally created for the Mellon Scholars Program, and “we’re really happy to have found a home for this site in the library and a way to both continue to showcase these projects by former students and to host new projects by students and faculty across the college,” said interim Mellon Scholars Director, Marsely Kehoe.

Kenny encourages students to visit the website, stating “Hope DLA is a holding space for important research and creativity. As a student interested in accessible research, digital projects like the ones on this website feel meaningful to me and will serve in the advancement of liberal arts education.” 

To visit the redesigned website, visit http://hopedla.org

If you would like your research project to be considered for archive on the Hope Digital Liberal Arts website, please email it to longfield@hope.edu. Your project will be reviewed to determine if Hope DLA is a good place for your digital creation. 

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