Heideman Lecture

On Tuesday, March 20th, Dr. Eugene Heideman gave a lecture on the King James Bible and the Geneva Bible, as a part of the lecture series for the Manifold Greatness Exhibit.

During his lecture, he discussed the theological and political origins of both translations, and placed them in historical relation to the other English translations of the time. The Geneva Bible was created by the many Protestant theologians and scholars who gathered in Geneva after fleeing religious persecution in England. It rose in popularity because of its more portable printed size and the many marginalia and additions that made it more accessible to a variety of readers. These marginalia were also a major reason why King James commissioned his new translation, because he objected to certain anti-monarchy sentiments expressed there. For a variety of political and printing reasons, the King James Bible gradually became the dominant bible translation in the English speaking world.

Please join us for the final event in the Manifold Greatness programming. On Thursday, March 29th at 3:00 in Winants Auditorium, Dr. John Cox will speak on the Bible and Shakespeare.

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