My Valentine This Year Is Netflix

Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day, is a big “holiday” in retail America. From fancy dinner and drinks, to bearing one’s significant other with gifts of flowers, stuffed animals, and chocolate, February 14th has something to offer to everyone. Everyone? Yes, everyone, even if you’re single like this fella. So this year, I’m going to […]

I Heart Hope!

Happy Valentines day to all, in a relationship or not. Essentially, Hope College is my Valentine, and that’s why I heart Hope! But here’s my take on this ridiculous holiday… “There’s no ‘us’ in Valentines Day, but there is an ‘I.’ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ME! Anyways, this week has been the longest short week ever. […]

Valentines Day: Where Generations Embrace Celebration.

Since being in college I have learned to appreciate and cherish going out to eat. I now miss the days of going out to eat with my family and having my parents pay. Every now and then I get the chance to eat outside of Phelps dining hall and experience some of Holland’s excellent restaurants. […]