May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

Happy Monday to all! I know that last Monday I posted a blog on realizing that Monday is a fresh new start, whether last week was bad or not. This Monday, you’ll really need to start fresh. Why? It’s REGISTRATION WEEK, people! Hence the title, I know it’s from the Hunger Games trilogy, but it seriously applies to this week. All Hope students are registering for classes for the Spring Semester already. I feel like it was Move-In day yesterday. To those of you looking at Hope, sometimes, people make registration seem horrendous (people are entitled to their own opinion), but I am here to tell you the good news that comes out of it.

  • People think the Registrar is the enemy, they’re not! They’re just trying to be logistical.
  • The Registrar WILL help you if you don’t get into a class you want.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the class you want, there are a plethora of classes to choose from, although they may not be your first choice. The Registrar can be flexible!
  • Remember to have back-up schedules, just in-case yours doesn’t work out. And remember that it’s not the end of the world.

For those of you interested in Hope, registration is a simple process that people make to be complicated. Based on the number of credits you have, they will randomly assign times in which you can register. So here is a simple equation:

# of Credits = Registration Time

Simple enough, right? But some people do not come in with any credits, so they register last, and some people come in a a bajillion credits, so they will be one of the first. So my advice for those in high school, get as many college credits as you can before coming! It’ll be a great advantage. AFTER registration week is over, everyone will not be stressed, and everyone will be friends again. So hopefully from reading this, I hope you remember one thing, you’ll get into a class, guaranteed.

Have a great Monday everyone! I’ll be posting about my weekend sometime today or tomorrow, so keep on the look-out! Otherwise, CLICK HERE to see my twitter page, and follow me! Feel free to ask me any questions you have!

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Greetings! My name is Marvin Solberg and my hometown is Traverse City, Michigan. I am a Hope College senior studying nursing, and aspire to obtain my Ph.D. in nursing research with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor. At Hope College, I am involved in Student Activities Committee (SAC), Student Blogging at Admissions, Ballet and Hip-Hop Club, Hope College Immersion Trips, and I am a nursing teaching assistant (TA)! I love God, my family, and friends. There's truly no place like Hope College; I call it my home away from home!

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