A Filling Weekend


I hope your Mondays are going well and aren’t as stressful as mine is (Three exams in one week?! Crazy talk. But it’s happening.) I can’t complain much though, because instead of locking myself in my room this weekend and studying like I should have, I went to a lot of events.

On Friday was Women’s Night Out – an event sponsored by Campus Ministries. We went to Tunnel Park, ate pizza, and had a huge game of capture the flag. While my team lost, it was still really fun and I met a lot of people I wouldn’t have otherwise. After playing capture the flag we walked to the beach and found an area where we could all sit down. Here, our new chaplain Lauren Taylor led us in a small worship, discussing how we are the women of Hope College and we need to be here for each other. We sang and began a cool new tradition where the upperclassmen wash the feet of the underclassmen as done in the Bible. It was a much needed night after a week of exams and papers.

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Come Saturday, come the Pull. If you don’t know what the Pull is, you should read this blog post from my fellow blogger, Jakub Myska. You can’t exactly call it “just a big game of tug-of-war”, because it’s a lot more than that. It’s a full physical, mental, and emotional experience for those who participate. This year I got to watch four of my sorority sisters, moralers and coaches, participate on the even year side. Here are some pictures from my time at the pull!

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In the end of a super eventful weekend, my hall went apple picking together at Crane’s! We picked out our apples, which are great to have in the dorm and personally one of my favorite fruits. I wasn’t able to stay long because I had to get back to campus for a meeting, but it was still a cool way to spend time with some good friends.

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It was a busy and fun weekend, but now it’s back to the books. I’m full of experiences and memories that will last for years to come with people who mean a lot to me.

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