Last-Minute Adventures

As the year comes to a close and we are soaking up as much of each other’s presence as possible before we scatter for the summer, we have found that there is always time for some last-minute adventures. On Friday SAC hosted Spring Fling. The Pine Grove was filled with inflatable-everything-imaginable, music, a photo booth, food and […]

Reasons to Study Abroad!

Welcome back from Christmas break! Since I went home to California over the break, I didn’t get to see how much snow Michigan got. Hearing from my roommates that there was hardly any really surprised me and once I flew back, inches upon inches piled up and were blowing very aggressively. I’m currently writing this […]

Euroadventure 2

Ok friends! So a while back, I posted about some of my European travels and said that I would post them in differing sections, almost like a series! If you haven’t read my first one, click here so you can get all caught up! Anyway, for this second post, it’s all about Budapest, Hungary and […]