Men’s Night Out

This past Friday was the Campus Ministries Men’s and Women’s Nights Out. I cannot personally speak for the women, but as for the men, we had an absolute blast! Friday was just another glimpse into what an awesome place Hope College is.

Under the supervision of Paul Boersma (and many other influential, spiritual leaders), over two hundred men, freshmen through seniors, were bussed off to a local church for a night filled with dodgeball, pizza, and testosterone. There are not many institutions that so readily offer an alternative Friday night hang-out event similar to that of MNO. Where else in the country can you play Bunco with a few hundred of your closest friends and classmates?

The night was highlighted by two speakers, each coming from very different backgrounds. Their ideas unified when they both attempted to paint a picture of what it looks like to be men compared to being boys. “Boys break things”, they stated, “While men fix them.” It is an extremely special environment when so many young, influential, and capable guys are in the same place hearing such a powerful message. In small groups, we were given the opportunity to digest that same message, and talk about how we, as collegiate males,¬†could apply it to our everyday lives. We were asked to imagine what Hope College would look like if our campus was filled with these type of men.

Now I understand the old saying that, “Boys will be boys.” Do not get me wrong, I am the most flawed human being this world has to offer. However, God is moving in the culture at Hope. I know that us boys can be transformed into men and completely transfigure our campus!

Until then, allow me to challenge you. What would it look like in your life if the boys acted like men, and the girls like women? How would your world be altered? This week, dare yourself and those around you to exceed the roles they play in every day life. I reckon you will be pleasantly surprised to see what occurs when we go the extra mile.

Praying you have a blessed week!

With love,


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