One of the ways to escape studying and other pseudo-adult responsibilities is to go to the Holland 7 or local AMC Theater.  Last week, I saw “Kingsman” and I felt like it didn’t live up to the hype it was building up to. [Spoilers ahead] First off, I’ll start by saying what I liked about […]

The Hidden Gems Prospectives Aren’t Told About

When I toured Hope College, I was given the opportunity to meet a few professors, students, and incredible exposure to what still stands as the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen in my life. The latter of which is something that still astounds me as even during Michigan’s heavy snowfall, I can drink a hot […]

Sunday Study Celebrations!

I tried to make this title as phonetically pleasing as possible because I could. But today is a special day, a day for celebrating, stress, and can make or break the strongest of wills, today is SUNDAY! When the New Year approached, I told myself among other resolutions, that procrastination would cease. Being that it […]

Movie of the Weekend: Nightcrawler

It’s cold, dark, and snowy and I just watched what could be one of the best movies of the year. On sale on Google’s Play store for about 5 bucks, my girlfriend and I ordered some Hungry Howie’s and decided to escape the Michigan life and delve into the the neo-noir underbelly of Nightcrawler’s Los Angeles. […]

Winter Break in New York!

Wow! This week has been intense. I was reminded again that time management is definitely not my forte when it comes to studying for exams, but to top it off, Rachel and I decided to spend our weekend in New York! One of the unavoidable characteristics of Hope College’s spring semester is the snow. There’s […]


Hello Hello Helloooo! I am Forrest, the newest Blogger and I’d like to share with everyone what I have been working on during these cold, icy days. Budgetting! Woooooo. NO MORE IMPULSE BUYING. It is important to always remember to be proactive about your bank accounts everyone. I would like to spend a few moments […]