Sunday Study Celebrations!

I tried to make this title as phonetically pleasing as possible because I could. But today is a special day, a day for celebrating, stress, and can make or break the strongest of wills, today is SUNDAY!

When the New Year approached, I told myself among other resolutions, that procrastination would cease. Being that it is now 4 pm on Sunday, and I am burning through a week’s worth of homework, I’m just going to pretend that that resolution wasn’t designed to be put into use until next year (maybe, I’ll worry about that later).

An important factor for hunkering down and studying/completing assignments is the environment you choose to immerse yourself in.

During my freshman and sophomore year, I predicted my dorm room would be the center from which I would complete the majority of my tasks due to the presence of a desk, table, and bed (napping is amazing when you can’t figure out how to solve a matrix). My expectations were wrong, dormitories at Hope College are generally filled with activities ranging from Frolf recruiters to the spontaneous groups curious to meet everyone. Zero work was completed, but it was a lot of fun!

I quickly learned that if I wanted to get serious with completing tasks, I needed to find a good place to work without distraction. After 4 years of nomadic adventures around Hope, here are the places I have found best to get work done:

  1. Van Wylen Library: The library is AMAZING. Books are at your disposal, the view is magnificent, and it is quiet (unless you are on the first floor, in which case, prepare for a chatty environment). Cup and Chaucer café is conveniently located at its entrance to satisfy coffee cravings, and power outlets are everywhere for your laptop. One of my favorite features about the library is how easily accessible the printers are, and for Hope students, printing is free if it is done on the laser printers. Also, the basement is a great place to get homework done and isn’t as often filled, perfect for those who want no attention.
  2. VanderWerf/VanZoeren: This is the building attached to Hope, and it’s my go-to place when the Library is crammed. On weekdays, classrooms are often unlocked and open to students to study in. The desks are perfect, the thermostat is easily manipulated (perfect for the cold western Michigan winter temperatures), and the library’s facilities are easily accessible.
  3. Western Theological Seminary: remember that tall building next to Wyckoff, Scott, and Lichty dormitories? Yeah, Hope College student can study there too. Not many do, but going to floor 5 and having the entire floor to yourself, plus the wonderful view of Holland are absolutely stunning. Conference rooms and mood lighting dominate the study areas there and the staff is very accommodating.

All this writing has made me hungry, time to order pizza to Van Zoeren and eat while I study for my Religion test ☺

Published by Forrest VanderBorgh

I am a senior at Hope College with a major is Psychology. I was born in California, but I grew up in Korea and the Netherlands most of my life. I love to travel and experience the beauty our world has to offer us.

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