Ethics Workshop

On Thursday, the Physics, Engineering, Math, and Computer Science research students participated in the first of two Ethics Workshop sessions for the summer. Professor Mark Pearson, of the Math Department, facilitated.

The workshop was based on case studies. Students formed groups to write their own case studies, which will be discussed in the second session this week.

These sessions on Responsible Conduct of Research are an important part of our summer program, both for satisfying funding requirements and so that the research we do is the best it can be.

Using the SEM

Earlier this week, the Surface Lab got training on the use of the new Scanning Electron Microscope. Daniel McNeel is working on cataloging the electrodeposited metal thin film samples that were fabricated last summer and this summer.

Nick, Dan, and Emily

Here Daniel runs the SEM, while Emily Berger helps, and Nick Wozniak looks for a specific sample to run.

The SEM controls are very user-friendly, and in a few minutes, Dan, Emily, and Nick were able to generate images of the samples.


Surface Lab – Troubleshooting

Fluke Multimeter At the beginning of week three of research, the Surface Lab discovered that the third of three existing reference electrodes has met an untimely end. What is supposed to establish a stable potential reference point is no longer doing so. (The other two have been broken for at least a week.) We borrowed the Fluke digital multimeter from Dr. Remillard’s lab to measure the potential difference between the three broken electrodes.

Emily, Nick, and Dan

Nick Wozniak measured the potential differences, while Emily Berger and Daniel McNeel recorded the results. Unfortunately, the results show that the electrodes are malfunctioning. However, new ones were ordered last week, and should arrive soon.

Afterwards, we posed for a fun Surface Lab photo.

Surface Lab Fun