Hope Physicists participate in the 2017 APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

Elizabeth Lindquist at CUWiP 2017
Elizabeth Lindquist, Anna Lunderberg, and Anna Wormmeester presented their research from the summer of 2016 at the Wayne State University CUWiP poster session.

Elizabeth Lindquist gave an oral presentation about her research in the Hope College Nuclear Group at the Wayne State University CUWiP.

 The Hope College contingent at the Wayne Sate University CUWiP. Dr. Jennifer Hampton, Anna Wormmeester, Britta Johnson, Anna Lunderberg, and Elizabeth Lindquist. The banquet on Saturday evening was held at the Michigan Science Center, just off the Wayne State campus.
When you let a bunch of physics students loose in a science museum, there is lots of fun in store!

Student Research Honored at National Engineering Conference

Rylan Prafke won an award and the 2016 Annual Meeting and National Student Conference of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).  His presentation “Response of Surface Bound Hexacyanoferrate Films to Binary & Tertiary Metal Alloy Compositions” was co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Hampton, associate professor of physics.

Jacob Pledger also presented at the conference.  His work  “Crystalline Channeling of MeV Ion Beams,” which was co-authored with Dr. Stephen Remillard, associate professor of physics; and Dr. Paul A. DeYoung, who is the Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Physics.  It also appeared in the “Materials Engineering and Sciences 8” category.


Hope Physicists participate in March APS meeting

2016-03-15 13.52.41Hope Physics faculty Stephen Remillard and Jennifer Hampton participated in the March 2016 APS meeting.   Their students also participated:

Dan’s poster presentation won an Undergraduate Poster award!

First regional conference for a Freshmen Physicists

Freshmen Zach Diener and Ben Peecher presented their research findings at the West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference at Van Andel Institute.  Read more about the conference…

Zach and Ben were joined at the conference by Margaret Dickinson and Tyler VanDyck.

Five Students Chosen to Present Physics Research at National Meeting

A total of five students who participated in research at Hope College during the summer of 2012 had their work selected to present at the recent American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting. – See more