Regional Chemistry REU Symposium

The Regional Chemistry REU Symposium was hosted at Hope College on Friday July 30, with students from University of Notre Dame’s and University of Michigan’s REU programs in attendance. Hope’s Physics research students participated in the symposium and presented their research posters at the afternoon poster session. Here are some pictures from the Symposium.

Microwave Lab

Candace Goodson is assembling a superconducting sapphire microwave resonator for her research on the effects that carrier doping has on the superconducting thin films. She uses the resonator to determine the critical temperature of the superconductor and to look at how the surface resistance of the superconductor depends nonlinearly on current. Both of these properties are influenced by doping. Candace has developed a procedure to control the doping using a gas flow tube furnace.

Nuclear Group

Tim Nagi tests some acrylic bars used as neutron detectors in the LISA project. He is using the oscilloscope to watch for signals Text Colorcoming out of one of the the photomultiplier tubes attached to the ends of the bars. Tim and others from Prof. DeYoung’s group will use the “LISA bars” at the National Superconducting Cylcotron Laboratory.