Summer Research in Physics (Godswill, Hope’26)

Godswill (Hope’26) is continuing Hope College Particle Accelerator Research. Here he is finishing mixing up some Stannous fluoride standards which are much safer then PFOA. PFOAs are carcinogenic fluoride compounds that contaminate the environment. He is using the particle accelerator to see if he can quantify PFOAs to parts per billion.

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  1. Very proud of Hope College. You are good at identifying talents and giving them the opportunities they need to bless our world. Godswill is one of such talents. He will take your name places. Physics is a discipline he is very passionate about. According to him, the principles that Physics teaches have the potential to banish poverty and and eliminate much of the suffering we see in the world today. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to walk on the path he loves. I’m glad to be associated with his life and career.

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