Introducing The Hope College Connection

The Hope College Connection is an innovative online community for calling and career that brings together students, alumni and families for mentoring and experiential learning. You can: Activate your profile with your communication preferences. Explore the Alumni Directory by geography, class year or major. Make a connection and explore active users by geography, industry or […]

Refer A Student

Referrals from alumni and families make a difference. Once a prospective student is referred, one in five of them apply. Over the past four years, nearly 300 students are at Hope because they first connected through a referral from someone like you. WHY HOPE? With more than 3,500 colleges and universities in the United States […]

The Alumni Postcard Project

Here in the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement, we spend a few minutes every Tuesday morning watching a TED Talk or two. We’ve learned how to overcome fears from a man who climbed a 3,000 foot cliff with no ropes, how to find joy in everyday life, and how hilarious replying to a spam […]

The Invitation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

During the school year of 1962-63, Roland Marshall ’63 and Pete Paulsen ’64, with the permission of the administration and the support of student government, invited Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to campus. Pete contacted the Office of Alumni Engagement recently to share his story: Pete Paulsen ’64 recalls that the early 1960s were years […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Xander Krieg ’12

“He developed an algorithm that allows a greater understanding of facial expressions and emotions.” Xander Krieg graduated cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in Japanese studies and psychology. After his time at Hope, he continued his education at the University of Hawaii where he received a master of arts degree in clinical psychology. […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Travis Rieth ’10

“He travels North America as a photographer, writer, consultant, adventurer and advocate.” Travis Rieth, also known as Travis Wild, has lived a life of adventure, leadership, and service within numerous communities and through various roles. He says, “I am guessing why I was nominated for this award is not due [to] what has made up […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Sarah Watkins ’08 Fabian

“She creates new worlds on the stage and instructs others on how to do the same.” Sarah Fabian graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in theatre and studio art minor. Throughout her undergraduate studies, Fabian spent the majority of her time within the theatre department learning, researching, and practicing the art […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Jonas Lawson ’13

“He oversees high-profile campaign advertising at the local, state and federal levels.” Jonas Lawson began his education at Hope College with the intent on becoming a news reporter. Early on in his time at Hope, Lawson wrote his first TV commercial for a class project and fell in love with media. After four years, he […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Maggie Mohr ’09

“She has made significant contributions in neuroscience through her research.” Maggie Mohr, a young woman with a passion for science, graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in biology and psychology from Hope College. Towards the end of her undergraduate career and after making a considerable impact within the natural and applied sciences division, numerous […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Carl Scholten ’11

“He leads school staff and encourages academic and spiritual growth in students.” Carl Scholten graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in education with a concentration in social studies from Hope College. “Hope College made me a lifelong learner and taught me that an education is never complete. It inspired me to […]