Congratulations on your 30-year reunion! We found some great photos of your time on campus. Do you have photos and memories to share? Email and we’ll add to this gallery.

The class of ’90 took Pull victory as sophomores.
Hope College President John Jacobson since 1987.

Athletics Highlights
Women’s basketball national championships in 1990.

Historical/News/Pop Culture Highlights
’90 World Series: Cincinnati Reds
’91 World Series: Minnesota Twins
’90 Super Bowl: San Francisco 49ers
’91 Super Bowl: New York Giants
Popular Movies Released 91/90: Home Alone, Pretty Women, Edward Scissorhands, Father of the Bride
Popular Songs Released: Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice), U Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer), I Do it For You (Bryan Adams)
Shows: Law & Order (1990 debut), Beverly Hills 90210 (1990 debut), Home Improvement (1991 debut)

Prices – Then and Now:
Gas – Then: $1.18 and Now: $2.37
Tuition- Then: $10,022.00 and Now: $36,000
Room and Board – Then: $ 3,826 and Now: $10,940
McDonald’s Cheeseburger – Then: $.069 and Now: $1.79
Pack of gum – Then: $.25 and Now: $1.09
A loaf of bread – Then: $.75 and Now: $2.58
Number of Hope Students – Then: 2,770 and Now: 3,060

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  1. FYI—you have pictures of 1990 pull team and 1992 homecoming court in the direct mail and on this blog that is supposed to celebrate 30 years for the class of 1991.

    1. You are correct. Our apologies, we intended to celebrate the era of the time that the Class of 1990 and 1991 were on campus, not specific events. Do you have photos that we can add to the collection? Feel free to email

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