After graduating in 2015 with a degree in international studies and Spanish, Regina Sanchez-Gonzalez took a role as a campaign assistant for California State Assembly. Following that, Regina became a recruiter for Global Citizen Year, which is an educational nonprofit. In 2018, she continued in the recruiting field but took a position at Lyft. During her time at Lyft, she was a business recruiter, national lead and technical recruiter. For the last three years, Regina has worked at Square as their lead technical recruiter. Regina advises current Hope students, “Take courses that intrigue you, even if you don’t see the direct career pathway in front of you. There are so many different types of jobs out there that you may not be exposed to (yet)!” Regina is passionate about cultivating teams and noticing strengths in others, just as she did in her time at Hope and does now in her current role at Square.

What was an impactful experience you had as a student at Hope?
Studying abroad for two semesters! I went to Sevilla my sophomore year and Freiburg my senior year. As someone who knew they needed to also be immersed in what they were learning about, I am so grateful that Hope had partnerships with great organizations and an ability to transfer tuition and scholarships to make these types of experiences possible.

To you, what makes Hope special?
Hope has a little bit of everything for everyone while retaining a small-college feel where you are not lost in the crowd and can find “your people.”

What is your current job title?
Lead technical recruiter: partner with the company’s engineering leadership to scale our teams globally across the Block ecosystem, one of the fastest-growing Fintechs in the world.

What do you love about your chosen career?
I am a partner in growing teams that play a role in creating the “tech world” that we as humans operate in. I take a lot of pride in building out inclusive interview processes, setting up people for success in interviews and connecting individuals with opportunities that can be life-changing for many.

What advice would you give to a current Hope student?
Take courses that intrigue you, even if you don’t see the direct career pathway in front of you. There are so many different types of jobs out there that you may not be exposed to (yet)! As a recruiter who has reviewed hundreds of resumes, I do not care what you studied but what skill sets (hard AND soft skills) you bring to the table.

What is a relationship that started at Hope that remains in your life?
I found my freshman year roommate through one of the internal Hope groups for incoming freshmen. We then lived together for three of our four years at Hope. She is one of my closest friends almost 10 years later, and we have been at each other’s side during all of life’s transitions: weddings, new jobs, cross country moves. We now live on opposite coasts (California and New York) but that doesn’t stop us from getting together for girlfriend trips every year!

Hope College is proud to honor Regina Sanchez-Gonzalez ’15 with the 2023 10 Under 10 Award. The 10 Under 10 Award honors emerging leaders who are making significant contributions by living out their callings; engaging in the local and global community through professional and/or volunteer involvement; and using their education to think about important issues with wisdom and clarity. Award recipients also communicate effectively to bridge boundaries that divide human communities and act as agents of hope living faithfully into their vocations. Designed for alumni who are within 10 years of graduation, these awards are presented by the Hope College Alumni Association. Make a nomination today.

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