10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Jonas Lawson ’13

“He oversees high-profile campaign advertising at the local, state and federal levels.” Jonas Lawson began his education at Hope College with the intent on becoming a news reporter. Early on in his time at Hope, Lawson wrote his first TV commercial for a class project and fell in love with media. After four years, he […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Maggie Mohr ’09

“She has made significant contributions in neuroscience through her research.” Maggie Mohr, a young woman with a passion for science, graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in biology and psychology from Hope College. Towards the end of her undergraduate career and after making a considerable impact within the natural and applied sciences division, numerous […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Carl Scholten ’11

“He leads school staff and encourages academic and spiritual growth in students.” Carl Scholten graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in education with a concentration in social studies from Hope College. “Hope College made me a lifelong learner and taught me that an education is never complete. It inspired me to […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Katherine Stritzke ’08 Simons

“She is responsible for the transformation of retail online and in stores around the globe.” Katherine Simons graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in management from Hope College. “Hope College prepared me to think critically, to value the thoughts and contributions of all, and to adopt a lifestyle of continuous learning.” […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Chaz Shelton ’09

“He is focused on creating the technology of today to feed the people of tomorrow by growing food in arid climates.” “Attending Hope College shaped me to be a person who asks the ‘why’ questions? The experience developed me to be someone who digs deep both professionally and personally. Above all, my experience at Hope […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Izzy Rhodes ’11

“She advocates for the de-stigmatization of mental health in the church and supports families experiencing medical trauma.” Similar to many undergraduate students, Izzy Rhodes entered Hope College as a freshman undecided on a major and no hint of what the future would hold. Rhodes graduated cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology […]

10 Under 10 Award Recipient: Quinn Nystrom ’08

“She brings a voice of hope and knowledge to people living with diabetes.” At a young age, Quinn Nystrom spent a year meeting thousands of people with diabetes, advocating and speaking upon their behalf across the nation as the National Youth Advocate for the American Diabetes Association. During this time, Nystrom realized that if she […]

We Love You, Nykerk!

Nykerk is something that is hard to explain- and I’ve had a lot of practice trying. It’s typically brought up in a conversation by someone asking me about why all of my friends are dressed up in navy sweaters and white turtlenecks. I usually laugh and launch into an explanation of the 84-year-old Hope College […]

The 121st Pull | Saturday, September 29

To witness a Pull Day is remarkable. The event itself is an absolute spectacle, a marvel, the proportions of which our lovely little college rarely sees. It seems that all of Hope College comes out to watch. They come to support friends, to cheer on their year, to support the new team, to marvel, to […]

Announcing the 2018 10 Under 10 Award Recipients

“This is my anchor of hope for this people in the future.” Much has changed since A.C. Van Raalte used those words to describe Hope College over 150 years ago. Hope no longer houses all its students and classrooms within the walls of Van Vleck Hall, but the goal of preparing students to be a […]