What is “Hope Chic?”

On a recent invitation, the alumni engagement team referenced that the dress code is Hope Chic. We got a few questions, so we thought we’d clarify a bit.

Hope: Orange and blue.
Chic: /SHēk/ adjective: elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

We realized that a number of alumni, families and friends dress this way when they arrive for events on campus. For reference, President Scogin is just about always dressed Hope Chic, business professional. His crisp navy suit with an orange tie defines this style. Our event celebrating the Class of 2020, while certainly can be business professional, will be a bit more Hope Chic, business casual.

Ladies might wear a navy dress with orange jewelry. Gentlemen might wear a navy quarter-zip or an orange polo with crisp khakis. If you have a pair of orange shoes, this is definitely the time to wear them. White jeans work well here when paired with navy and orange. What about anything orange gingham with chambray? Navy stripes with an orange accent? A great plaid in the colors of your alma mater? Anything with an anchor print? The options are endless, just lean towards the blue, orange and white in your closet.

It’s not quite as spirited as your favorite Hope sweatshirt. It’s more along the lines of something you’d wear on a nice date or brunch with your parents.

Need some more inspiration? We created a Hope Chic Pinterest board just for you! Questions? We love to hear from you! Email alumni@hope.edu anytime.

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