Anchor Article About Our Hope Advocates for Sustainability Fair Trade and Environmental Justice Event


Hope Advocates for Sustainability (HAS) is an organization that works to promote sustainability at Hope College. On Wednesday, April 20, HAS partnered with The Bridge, a local non-profit located in downtown Holland, for an educational event at Hope about environmental justice and fair trade. 

The Bridge is known for its fair trade gifts and crafts that represent over 35 countries. Fairtrade is about helping artisans in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships by valuing their rights and giving them fair pay for their work. Not only does it tremendously help the workers, but fair trade also guarantees high-quality and ethically sourced products for the shoppers.

Tsion Weldetsadik (‘24) recently became an intern for Hope Advocates for Sustainability. Weldetsadik is passionate about educating people about environmental justice and the issues that are happening around the world today. She hopes to teach people how to be more aware of environmental racism and the ways in which one can get more involved.

“I’ve always been interested in social issues and social justice and sustainability also intrigues me,” Weldetsadik said, “so when I came across this position, I was really excited to be a part of it.” 

Kate Martin, manager of The Bridge, came to speak about the ways in which students at Hope can become more conscientious about their purchases, specifically with the clothes they are wearing. Both passionate and knowledgeable, Martin proposed a challenge of not only being a conscious shopper but actually making the choice to purchase more sustainable and ethically sourced products. 

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