Super Saturday

Don’t you love Saturdays? It’s the weekend, so you can sleep in and leisurely do your homework and still hang out with friends. Well, this past Saturday was pretty eventful for me. The campus can be pretty boring on occasion, but this Saturday was full of a LOT of stuff. It was pretty monumental in multiple ways: I got my first package of the year from home, the Pull on Black River took place, and it was my roommate’s 20th birthday. Let me just walk you through this day. Ready? Here we go:

MY FIRST PACKAGE! On a lazy morning, I usually check my email looking for any
updates from professors or clubs and when the magic words “Mailroom
Notification” pop up, I’m the happiest person alive. I think most people here
at school will agree with me that getting a box from home is one of the best
feelings ever: you feel like it’s your birthday because you get something
special in the mail plus you usually get food or some sort of goodies in that
box that any college student would love to have.

I got this notification on Saturday, so I was super pumped
to go to the mailroom to get the box and see what kind of random things my mom
and dad sent me, but of course I walk over to DeWitt right when it closes… meaning
I have to wait until Monday to get it. Ugghhhh!!!!! It’s so frustrating to know
that a box is waiting for me to open it, but I have to wait 36 hours to get it.
Monday came and I opened it and the first thing I saw was a bag full of York
Peppermint M&Ms. Have you ever had those???? They are so good that I ended
up eating half of the bag in 2 hours…oops. Next, I got some pretzels, almonds,
cashews, Chewy bars, NutriGrain bars and the best of all… a homemade coffee
cake! I know you guys probably don’t care what was really in the care package,
but it made my day twenty times better. Whenever I’m having a real bummer of a
day, getting that email turns my entire day around. Not only do you get some
awesome stuff, people are jealous of you. That was just the beginning of a great weekend.

few other people are posting on their blogs, they are talking about the
legendary Pull that went on Saturday. I’m an Odd Year, so I’m completely
biased for the sophomores winning this year. Last year, we won as
freshmen and the theme we had this year was “Perfection,” so we had to
live up to that title. After a little over two hours on the rope, 2015’s
Pull Team won for the second year in a row (which is very rare)! Not
only did we win, but we set a record for gaining the most rope for Odd
Year (a little under 80 feet). If you don’t know what Pull is, look it
up on YouTube because it’s SO MUCH MORE than a simple tug-of-war. It’s
intense. No other word can describe it. After three weeks of ridiculous
training, the freshmen and sophomores “tugged” it out and put on quite a
show. What’s even better than winning was seeing all of the pullers and
their moralers hug each other and celebrate. All of the blisters and
bleeding paid off and created some amazing memories.

My roommate Cheryl turned 20 on Saturday too, so it was a pretty
monumental day for everyone. With such a hectic afternoon with Pull,
everyone was pretty drained from all of the excitement. Regardless of
how tired we were, Cheryl and I managed to head over to Good Time Donuts
for celebratory donuts followed by an awesome game of Apples to
Apples. This may sound like a pathetic birthday, but it was so much
fun!!!! If you have a good group of people playing, it can become the
most entertaining game you have ever played. I know this is not the typical sort of birthday, but “typical” is so overrated, right? Since we couldn’t finish
the night off with playing a board game, we watched the amazing  Matt
Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum. What a great movie. Seriously. It’s so
good. Watch it.

With a pretty crazy week this week, I’m so ready for fall break next
Monday and Tuesday. I’m sure my next post will be all about my
adventures. I’m heading to Chicago because I can’t really head to
California for a few days because it’s definitely not worth the long
travel and pricey ticket. Anyway, until after fall break, have a good

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Hey Everyone! My name is Leslie Kempers and I am from Santa Ana, California. I am a Senior this year and am majoring in Exercise Science so after my time here at Hope, I will be pursuing a career in physical therapy! I have previously been involved with Nykerk and CASA and am excited to see what this year has in store for me. This place has become my second home and I have cherished every moment here at Hope College. Go Dutchmen!!!