Getting Together One Last Time

It’s almost finals week! Where did this semester go? Like, really? I think everybody feels this way, especially since Thanksgiving was last week. These next few days are going to be extremely chaotic for everybody, so it’s important to get a little last-minute fun in before studying consumes every waking moment of your day. My housemates and I decided that, instead of having a Christmas party, we’d all pitch in and make a nice dinner. With the college budget we’re all on, pasta and salad was going to have to suffice.

Even before dinner started cooking, one of my housemates thought it would be fun to take pictures later and therefore, made some fun props for us! Everyone else helped make snowflakes as a nice backdrop for these said pictures we were going to take. It was fun just seeing everyone gathered in one place and doing a carefree activity and taking a step back from the stress of school.

Once dinner was made, we all sat down and basically inhaled the food since we were all extremely hungry. During this time as well, we went around the table explaining are highs and lows of the day. I discovered a nice little pattern with everybody’s response: a common low is the realization that finals are among us. It was also nice to hear about everybody’s days since we rarely get to actually sit down and hear details of each person’s day because we’re on such different schedules.

After we all stuffed our faces with dinner, we took advantage of the props that were made and had a nice little photoshoot. This was actually such a hilarious time because I think some of the most repulsive faces were made. It’s sad to think that two of my housemates will be moving out after next week, so realizing this is the last time we all will hang out was hard to swallow. Looking back, I wish we were able to have these dinners more frequently because it was such a needed and great time. I guess that cliché saying about not knowing what you have until it’s gone really applies here. At least these photos and laughs will always bring back memories with some great ladies!

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Yes, College Students still go skating!

Hello Everyone!

I hope your week is going well. I enjoyed a wonderful weekend. On Friday it was my friend Monique’s 20th birthday. We celebrated by eating at Jonny Carino’s, one of my favorite restaurants in Holland. After dinner we attended the Hope Orchestra Concert to support Monique and watch her play the cello. She looked fabulous up on stage; I felt like a proud mom.

Delicious Salmon Salad

After Monique’s birthday celebration, there was a roller skating event with the all guys dorm, Durfee, and the all girls dorm, Gilmore, The two dorms rented out the roller rink, and a lot of people from the two dorms attended. I loved the event, and everyone had a lot of fun skating! We skated from 9 to 12 in the morning, and I felt exhausted afterwards.

We got our picture taken with Santa!!!!

After walking around downtown, some friends came over to my room. We basically chilled the rest of the evening and enjoyed some great conversations and laughs.

Today, I attended church with my friends and then played tennis with Matheus, Matthias, and Amy. Matheus and I took the victory over Amy and Matthias. We were pretty excited after our big win. The rest of the today consisted of studying and grocery shopping. I am excited to only have 3 days of school this week. Thanksgiving break is SO close!

Birthday, Birthday, So much Birthday!

Hello Everyone!

I hope all is well. This past weekend was packed with fun. I’ll fill you more on what I did later this week, but today I’m going to highlight Grace’s 20th birthday. Her birthday was on Sunday. My roommate Amy and I woke up and drove to Grandville to bring Grace Biggby coffee, because she absolutely loves Biggby. When we arrived at her dorm with coffee she was so excited! Then we ate in Phelps with her. While we were eating some of the guys in her dorm decorated her room with streamers and balloons.

In the afternoon, Grace and I ran for a long time and enjoyed the most beautiful weather. It was sunny and in the 70’s. We also had a great running discussion. I love our talks when we run. We are right now in training for a half marathon in Nashville on November 12. I love running with Grace and training together, it helps the time pass by much faster.

City Vu in downtown. We all enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal. The meal even came with a free carrot cake dessert for her birthday!

Hope you all have wonderful weeks!