Senior Struggle #4: Being Prepared

Happy Monday, Readers! Welcome back to talking about topics that seniors struggle with especially during these last few months before graduation. This week’s topic: being prepared. Whether its being prepared for class by having your homework done, being prepared for the days you don’t get home until after 12 hours, or being prepared for what comes after […]

An Angel in the Form of the Career Development Center

Hello, Readers! Aren’t Thursdays just wonderful? I love the fact that it’s one day closer to Friday. Friday is a great day for many reasons: 1. Delight Ministries at 7 a.m. 2. The start of weekend fun. 3. I get to work at my favorite place in the world, the Career Development Center! What is […]

The Plan

Well readers, it’s happening. I’m growing up. Because guess what happened this week?? The four year plan was made. That’s right. My major? English with a Creative Writing Emphasis. My future? Decided. Well at least for the next four years. It’s crazy isn’t it? Last year, I was just a freshman, trying desperately to find a […]

The Career Development Center: Helping Millions (well, almost) Discover their Careers

Dale Austin is one of the coolest people ever. Have you met him?  I’m sure you’ve seen him walking around campus, taking someone out to lunch at the Kletz, or strolling through the Pine Grove. I met Dale on my excursion to Gainey Ranch, as he was one of the many professors and staff from […]