It’s Funny, The Difference a Year Can Make.

A lot happened in 2014. Here’s my 14-point summary of the year – high school seniors should relate 🙂 1.) Finally the seemingly ever elusive Senior year of high school begins. 2.) SAT/ACT scores are a big deal. -Meanwhile, less than a year later, they will become essentially irrelevant. 3.) College applications consume all spare time. […]

2014: A Year In Review

2014 was a big year. Not only was it a year to remember for myself, but so much happened in our nation and in our world, making it a year hard to forget! I’m sure when I mention some of these events, you’re going to say, “That happened forever ago!” Well, believe it or not, that […]

Sochi 2014 / Сочи 2014

Okay folks, the XXII (22nd) Winter Olympic Games is on, and is on until February 23rd. I don’t know about you, but every time the Olympics are on, I always get super pumped and become inspired. Every two years, despite many countries’ differences, the world comes together for 2 weeks to attain one goal: get […]