Are We Living in a Nationalistic Era?

A lot of you know that this week the Republican and Democratic primaries took place in Michigan. From the Democratic side, Sanders won, and Trump won it from the Republican side. Definitely, this post is not to discuss politics, but to show an interesting connection between United States of America, France, and Germany. I am […]

Woah, We’re Half Way There. Woah, Livin’ on a Prayer.

There are less than 70 weeks of classes left of my time at Hope. That’s the timeline facing any current sophomore that is graduating in four years. We’re almost halfway there. And it’s kind of scary. There are a lot of things that I have no idea about that I need to figure out over the […]

Critical Issue: Life After Hope

What are you going to be when you grow up? This question never seems to disappear. When you are little it is easy to pick an answer: teacher, zookeeper, astronaut, astronaut that teaches people about zoo animals in space. However, in college things change. That question takes on a new kind of weight. Tonight Hope’s annual Critical […]

Stuff Every Introvert Should and Shouldn’t Have With Them

“But Idil, you’re not an introvert…” Ssshhh, that’s beside the point. Since I’ve been here in DC, I realized that my personality has changed. It is not good or bad, but it is just different. For some reason, I am just a more pleasant person in general; less aggressive, less impatient, but also less outgoing. […]

A Thought on Lazy Nights

Happy Thursday, Readers! I hope that your days are going well and you are getting ready for an awesome weekend. How was the Hope/Calvin game? Heard Hope won – no surprise. Do you all want to know what I did yesterday? I did absolutely nothing. I made dinner, did homework, and laid in my bed […]

St. Nicholas Day in the Czech Republic

December 5 is the day that children in the Czech Republic are nervous, excited and scared. Like in Netherlands, the tradition in the Czech Republic is formed from three major figures, Svatý Mikuláš (St. Nicholas), Čert (Devil) and Anděl (Angel). On December 5, the trio of Svatý Mikuláš, Čert, and Anděl are going from house to house and […]