The Anatomy of the Desk: Stressed vs. Unstressed

Lately I’ve been noticing certain specifics in my life and wondering: If I were in a novel, would this be symbolic? Would this be metaphorical, or hold some kind of connotation other than the literal? Maybe this is just a crazy English major problem, but it’s been on my mind. One of the biggest areas […]

Different Christmas Traditions Around the Globe

Since Christmas is just around the corner, here are some examples of Christmas different traditions and stories from countries around the world. Serbia – Two Sundays before December 25th, children tie up their mother. To get “free”, she has to give presents to the children. Exactly one Sunday after mother is tied up, this happens to […]

Lubbers Hall: My Literary Home on Campus

I’m here to tell you about my favorite building on campus: Lubbers Hall. At our last student-blogger meeting (Yes, we have those!), we talked about our favorite places to brainstorm or write on campus, the places that get our creative juices flowing. As a writer, this type of space is very valuable to me, and […]

Family – Grateful to Have Something Worth Missing

For most people who leave home when going to college, family becomes something different. It’s hard to describe, because they’re the same people they were when you left, but you’re not seeing each other every morning in passing on the way to work or school anymore, or eating family meals together, and you’re not getting […]

Midterm Thoughts

It’s the Sunday night before midterm week. No one feels like getting anything done, but papers are due tomorrow and exams are looming ahead and pre-labs and readings and writing workshops—all the usual work—are piled up on the floor next to where you’re watching your hall mate slide down the stairs penguin style.   Others […]

How to be Sick in College

This post is not about how to get sick in college. It’s not hard. Colds spread around campus as the wind blows. This is what to do when you get sick in college. You do the math. Sore throats, runny noses, a dizzying and total lack of energy + 9-5 college classes + work + […]

Major Life Decisions: Choosing Friends

Last week my friends and I took a major step forward in our relationship – we got fish together. It all began with a trip to Meijer. We stood before the wall of glass tanks filled with colorful fish contemplating who we wanted to take home as our new friends. We made sure to be […]

What To Do When You Experience Writer’s Block

Hi readers! I was on the train home yesterday from Fall Break when I started this blog post and as much as I was used to the 3½ hour long rides coming and going, this last time it seemed especially long. Anyway, I was trying to edit an essay that was due today in the […]

A Day in the Life of a Hope College Squirrel.

Has it ever crossed your mind what it might be like to be a squirrel, not just any squirrel, but the quintessential, Hope College squirrel? I may have thought about it once or twice…   “Code Red! Code Orange! Code Yellow!” “There goes Barry again,” I said. “Well, he does have a point, Greg,” Brenda […]