Are We Living in a Nationalistic Era?

A lot of you know that this week the Republican and Democratic primaries took place in Michigan. From the Democratic side, Sanders won, and Trump won it from the Republican side. Definitely, this post is not to discuss politics, but to show an interesting connection between United States of America, France, and Germany.

I am assuming that all of you know that on November 13, 2015, the Paris attack happened. In December of 2015, in France, the regional elections took place and the party called National Front or “French Nationalists” won by 30%.

The national flag of France.
The national flag of France.

In Germany 3 days ago, A new nationalist party that is challenging the German government’s welcoming stance toward migrants has come third in municipal elections in a central region, one week before three more important regional votes, preliminary results showed Monday” (The Washington Post).

The national flag of Germany.
The national flag of Germany.

Here in the United States, Donald Trump is winning in almost every state with his very nationalistic motto “Make America Great Again” and other very nationalistic opinions.

The national flag of the Unite States of America.
The national flag of the United States of America.

It is really fascinating how people of three western world countries – economic powers – show significant support to candidates who are very Nationalistic. Is it just a lucky coincidence or are we living in Nationalistic era? Is the end of Globalization and the begging of Era called culture separations and how to build a wall? 

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