Breaking out of the Bubble to Grow :)

I have been on Hope’s campus for about 21 days now and already I am in love with this bubble.

The beautiful campus, the hammocks in the Pine Grove, the always present squirrels (oh so many squirrels)—everything about it is wonderful. In addition to that, I am always around the academic minded, a vastly Christian population and (with the exception of professors and other staff members) students roughly between the ages of 18-22. In so many ways am I different from my peers, but in a lot of ways we are all the same.

We are all in this Hope College Bubble together.

And for the next four years we do not have to break out of it.

We can happily obtain our degrees in Engineering and Geology and Nursing and English, etc. while contentedly floating within the safe, soapy seal of this bubble. We could obtain a solid, quality education like this.

But, Hope wants more for us than a bubbled college experience—Hope encourages us to grow—to grow in our faith, our education, but most importantly in our worldview.
Hope wants you and me to be students who are “Growing Relationships through diverse Opportunities to strengthen involvement in an ever-changing World” so that we not only leave here with a college degree, but a mind that understands and appreciates diversity. Through the college’s G.R.O.W movement there are events and lectures and all sorts of opportunities to learn about the world around us and about the cultures and backgrounds of our classmates.

In just the trip from the basement of Van Vleck to the third floor I found three posters with the G.R.O.W symbol on them! The opportunities are abundant 🙂


Last night I listened to Katherine Welch speak on Human Trafficking Justice and Global Health Care in Maas Auditorium. Hearing her stories and listening to a first-hand experienced account on situations of Human Trafficking in Asia was fascinating, heart-breaking, intriguing—it expanded my knowledge of this worldwide issue. My view expanded and grew.

I encourage you to check out the events on the G.R.O.W Movement’s webpage and take these opportunities to grow.

Enjoy the bubble—it’s truly a blessing—but take advantage of all the opportunities Hope has to offer to break out and gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our beautiful world.

Have fun growing!

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Published by Erin Hoolahan

Hi! My name is Erin Hoolahan and I am a Sophomore at Hope College. I am from Wexford, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Pittsburgh) and intend to double major in Classics and either English or Communications during my time here at Hope. I love to bake, play guitar and am involved in Ultimate Frisbee and Silent Praise. I am extremely excited about sharing my insights on life at Hope! Thanks for reading. :)

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