Coming Soon: The American Majority Minority

Last week Hope College held the Critical Issues Symposium (CIS). Over 30 symposiums have been held throughout the years on a range of topics, meant to introduce thought-provoking and stimulating presentations by experts to help students and community members grow. After attending most of the lectures this year, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the …

Do you have your keys?

Well, I went home again this weekend for my little sister’s homecoming. She wanted me to do her hair and I was happy to help. Here’s a beach shot just before we dropped her off at the dance: I drove up with my friend Marvin, who went to my high school. As we began our …

Study break with the swells

As we are in the fourth week of school, exams are upon us. As freshman we’ve gone through quite a strange transition. We arrived at Hope and went through the crazy but wonderful process of moving in and settling. We went through Orientation weekend where we were placed with a small group of other freshman to help us gain friendship, learn a bit about Hope and ourselves, and acclimate to the environment here.

Here’s the banner the class of 2015 made during Orientation weekend!


Traverse City!!!

I got to go home last weekend for my little sister’s birthday!! 🙂 She turned 15 on Sunday. I also caught up with family and friends and got to see my pets!   Here, from left to right, is my sister’s friend Hailey, my sister Lindsey, and me bright and early Sunday morning!   I got …

Your Invitation: Live Vicariously Through Me

I’m going to utilize this post for introductory purposes. I’ll tell you bits and pieces about me so you can put the puzzle together and figure out how exactly it is that I fit in at this grand place known as Hope College.


But really, you need to know more about me because you want to live through me, to live at Hope for the next year while you decide where the next chapter of your life will bring you. So here it is–the invitation to learn the context of my life to live vicariously through me. Everything, anything you want to know about Hope College: the people, the food, the places, the friends, your faith, your dreams, your future, your life