Traverse City!!!

I got to go home last weekend for my little sister’s birthday!! 🙂 She turned 15 on Sunday. I also caught up with family and friends and got to see my pets!  

Here, from left to right, is my sister’s friend Hailey, my sister Lindsey, and me bright and early Sunday morning!


I got to hang out with my favorite puppy, Gunner. He’s fantastic (and SO CUTE).

As much as I enjoyed my time with my family, I realized that I really missed my roommates and just being on campus. It really made me think about what I was feeling, and I guess it broke down to a torn love. Although I went out to dinner with my mom, I missed scrambling at Phelps. Even though I went to church Sunday morning with my family, I was anxious to get on the road to make it back to The Gathering, the chapel service on sunday nights here at Hope. 

 Why I Love Hope reason # 368: It becomes your second home.

It’s not like your cottage or a familiar place you hang out with friends. Rather, it becomes part of you; the people, the places, the hours of studying — it all becomes engrained in your being. Although it was a great weekend home, I’m thankful to be back. 🙂


More next time,






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