Study break with the swells

As we are in the fourth week of school, exams are upon us. As freshman we’ve gone through quite a strange transition. We arrived at Hope and went through the crazy but wonderful process of moving in and settling. We went through Orientation weekend where we were placed with a small group of other freshman to help us gain friendship, learn a bit about Hope and ourselves, and acclimate to the environment here.

Here’s the banner the class of 2015 made during Orientation weekend!

After four days of never-ending fun, horror struck: We have to go to school???! After the impending shock wore off, we began classes and learned even MORE people’s names, but the workload wasn’t awful.

But now, we actually have to study. As classes begin to overload us with memorization and mastering the art of time management, everyone is a bit stressed. 

To relax and enjoy our day in Holland, a few girls from my cluster (more on this term later) decided we should picnic at the beach! We grabbed a bite to go from the Kletz and we headed out to the Holland State Park, which is only 6 miles away.

I’d never gotten the chance to enjoy the beach here in Holland and, as I had been told, it was fantastic!!

Here are a few photos from our excursion:

Look at what my dorm-neighbor, Betsy, made in the sand! 


Our study-picnic was great and served as a great stress-reliever. We’re all ready to take on the challenges of the world of academia and procede through our week. 


More soon! 



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