I toured Hope in August 2021, right before I started my senior year of high school.  I had been on plenty of college tours before, and kept visiting schools after my trip to Hope.  Still, this certain visit stood out in my mind through my college decision process.  In fact, the nature of my visit to Hope was fundamental to my choice to come to school here.

Prospective students can sign up for individual tours, which is what I did alongside my mom.  Admissions works to match students with tour guides that are studying or involved in what visitors are interested in.  My tour guide was a Communications major, helping me learn a little more about the field through our conversation.  He also personally introduced me to a Communication department professor, who ended up sending me a handwritten note in the mail following our conversation.  The personal nature of my tour and the way that even faculty were inclined to engage with me was very impactful.  My visit at Hope felt entirely different than any other school I visited.  I felt welcomed and wanted.

Dimnent Chapel is one of my favorite spots on campus!

There are many options for prospective tours to come visit Hope.  Like me, they can do a personal summer visit.  Students can also sign up for a personal visit during the week.  Another popular way to visit Hope is Anchor Days or Junior Days.  These happen many Fridays throughout the school year for senior and junior students, respectively.  Visiting students have the opportunity to be at Hope for a number of hours.  During this time, students and parents can attend different panels, go on a tour, eat lunch in the dining hall, and come to chapel if they would like.  I never came to an Anchor Day as a prospective student, but I wish I had. It would have only helped my decision-making process.  One of my friends, a sophomore now, actually came on three separate Anchor Days during her senior year of high school before ultimately committing to Hope. Besides opportunities like Anchor Days or summer visits, students can take a virtual tour of campus or come on an overnight visit to Hope.  All of these are great opportunities to get a better idea of what life at Hope is like.

Hope is made up of special types of people.  People that love, challenge, welcome, and make space for others.  I’m so glad I chose these to be my people.  Visiting students have the opportunity, through many avenues, to explore what being a person of Hope is all about. 

some of the people of Hope I’ve come to know and love!

Published by Audrey Wells

Class of 2026 Hometown: Portage, MI Majors: Communications & Spanish Minor: Social Witness Ministry & Global Health

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