Research to Reduce Workplace Racism

As a social psychologist, Dr. Mary Inman, professor of psychology, prioritizes learning about people’s basic motivations, environmental influences on behaviors, and why and how people use stereotypes. As a Christ-follower, she seeks to understand and address social issues for the sake of justice. Her recent research on racial harassment and discrimination in the workplace addresses …

Researching and Revealing the Art of Nomads

In Hope College’s Kruizenga Art Museum, a current exhibit asks an unapologetic and perhaps overwhelming question: What exactly is art? Is art aesthetically-pleasing work meant to only be seen and not touched? Must it hang on a wall or stand on a pedestal? Or, can art be practical, painstakingly-created pieces made for everyday use? And who …

They’ll Always Have Paris

A small but reputable library in Paris now has a new and meaningful relationship with a small but reputable liberal arts college in the U.S. thanks to a Hope English professor and her two research students. For two and a half weeks during the summer of 2018, Dr. Natalie Dykstra, senior Sarah Lundy and junior …

For the Love of Trees

Sophomore Katelyn DeWitt was a literal tree hugger for ten weeks during the summer of 2018. She inventoried and measured the trunk diameters of nearly half of the tree population found on public property in the City of Holland for The Holland Tree Project.

Birds Against Glass: An Avian Study

Dr. Kathy Winnett-Murray and five former Hope students had an unenviable task: To seek out and document dead bird carcasses found beneath the windows of six buildings on campus. It was all for life-giving research to learn how to save birds’ lives.

Hope Alums Help Hope Students Race To Zero

Together, five Hope-ites — two alums and three soon-to-be alums — were making known the quality of Hope’s engineering program on a national stage at the Race to Zero Student Design Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Seeing Stars

Before ever taking one class at Hope, Jeff Engle of Kalamazoo, Michigan, spent his pre-freshman summer as a member of the Hope physics department’s Research Bridge Program which operates with the belief that students should “learn physics by doing physics.”

Student’s Research Adds Fuel to Fast-Food Debate

Should the fast food industry ever do away with those crinkly but potentially harmful wrappers that encase your two all-beef hamburger patties, one of the people you can thank is a physics-turned-history-major from Hope College.

Saving Sands for Time and Life

In the interdunal wetlands along the Lake Michigan’s eastern coast, Suzanne DeVries-Zimmerman ’82 and her students are conducting research, through the help of significant external funding, to help save sands for time and life.

Boston: City of History, Archives, and GLCA Research Opportunities

The GLCA Boston Summer Seminar, created and directed by Dr. Natalie Dykstra, offers Midwest faculty and students the opportunity to find historic people and places and paper that impacts independent thinking and learning.