Seeing Stars

Before ever taking one class at Hope, Jeff Engle of Kalamazoo, Michigan, spent his pre-freshman summer as a member of the Hope physics department’s Research Bridge Program which operates with the belief that students should “learn physics by doing physics.”

Student’s Research Adds Fuel to Fast-Food Debate

Should the fast food industry ever do away with those crinkly but potentially harmful wrappers that encase your two all-beef hamburger patties, one of the people you can thank is a physics-turned-history-major from Hope College.

Breaks Away: Jenny Hampton

At the Energy Materials Center (EMC2) at Cornell University last year as a visiting scientist, Dr. Jenny Hampton went back home in a way to help discover new energy materials and methodology. Hampton’s sabbatical research reminds us that other Earth-abundant materials – such as sodium or potassium – have the potential to help with energy usage and storage, too.