Hope College isn’t just a place; it’s a community.  A regular feature within “Stories of Hope,” People of Hope explores what that means by highlighting some of the students, faculty and staff who help make the campus family what it is.

Annika Weeber

Annika Weeber ’24

Senior, Rockford, Michigan

When Annika Weeber was looking at colleges, Hope caught her attention. “Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do going into college, I loved the idea of a liberal arts education that would allow me to explore my interests and encourage a well-roundedness,” she said.  

As a senior at Hope College, Weeber certainly is well-rounded. She is double majoring in both business and Spanish with a minor in kinesiology as well as an emphasis in professional tennis management.

A creative and curious person, Weeber enjoys combining her varying interests. “Studying business opens up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries, allowing me to explore different roles and find the one that best suits my interests and strengths,” Weeber said. “It’s a versatile foundation that can open doors to different career paths.

Through her Spanish major, she builds on that foundation while enjoying both learning about and connecting with other cultures. “I’ve learned to approach challenges from multiple perspectives, which is a valuable asset in business strategy and decision-making.”

Studying Spanish has been a journey of personal growth for Weeber, who had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Seville. She honed valuable skills like self-reliance, adaptability and effective cross-cultural communication. “I purposefully placed myself in an unfamiliar and challenging situation. I entered the program without knowing a single person, ventured to a place where I had limited language proficiency, and distanced myself from family, friends and my Hope College community for four months,” Weeber said. “While these circumstances were tough, they marked the best decision I have ever made because it was through that discomfort that I experienced profound personal growth.”

“Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do going into college, I loved the idea of a liberal arts education that would allow me to explore my interests and encourage a well-roundedness.”

On campus, Weeber is a member of the intercollegiate tennis team. Being a student athlete combines a commitment to both athletic and academic excellence. “Having a team who stands by you through every challenge has had a profoundly positive impact on my life,” Weeber said. “The culture of Hope’s athletics places a strong emphasis on pursuing excellence in everything we do. I’m motivated to strive to be the best athlete, student and person I can possibly be.”

During her last year at Hope, Weeber has appreciated continued academic growth and community engagement. The community extends to her professors. “They genuinely care about each student and their development, as well as provide a structure that fosters creativity and collaboration within my classes,” she said. Her career aspirations involve integrating her three areas of study. “I’m keen to venture into the tennis industry, using my business knowledge to establish my own tennis-related initiatives,” said Weeber. Using her understanding of Spanish to connect with a broader audience and create accessibility, Weeber said, “My vision is to make tennis inclusive for everyone and unite people through the love of this sport.”

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  1. Hope College has given Annika a wonderful home for 4 years.
    She has grown in her spiritual life,knowledge,leadership,and care for others.
    A real thank you for all at Hope College that has given her encouragement and support.

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