Giving Water for Life

Water is life. And that’s exactly why the Hope College Engineers Without Borders (EWB) program traveled to Kenya this past May. For three weeks in a rural area just outside Bondo in southwest Kenya, Hope-EWB coordinated and engineered the installation of two wells and a rainwater catchment system.

Hope Alums Help Hope Students Race To Zero

Together, five Hope-ites — two alums and three soon-to-be alums — were making known the quality of Hope’s engineering program on a national stage at the Race to Zero Student Design Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Hope Formula SAE: Right on Track

Hope’s team fared well on the Formula SAE stage last week at Michigan International Speedway. One-hundred-and-fifteen entries from across the country and around the world represented strong competition and Hope finished 77th overall. Many of the teams were from comprehensive research universities with long-established Formula SAE programs. Hope, participating for just the second time in six years, was one of only two liberal arts colleges at the event.

CFL and SHI: Partners in Ideas, Innovation and Leadership

A unique and collaborative partnership between Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) in Grand Rapids and Hope College’s Center for Faithful Leadership (CFL) is providing opportunities for both parties to glean the benefits that any good partnership seeks to achieve: combining ideas and labor toward reaching desired outcomes. For professionals at SHI, the objective is to create …