Daniel Clark – 2015

Characterization of the Pseudocapacitive Nature of Surface Bound Prussian Blue Analogues Research Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hampton With the increased use of intermittent renewable energy sources, more efficient methods of energy storage must be explored. Electrochemical capacitors provide a larger volumetric charge density than physical capacitors while maintaining fast charge and discharge rates. Prussian Blue analogues […]

Benjamin Peecher – 2015

Dealloying NiCo and NiCoCu Alloy Thin Films Using Linear Sweep Voltammetry Research Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hampton When electrodeposited into thin films, metals have unique and well-known electrochemical potentials at which they will be removed from the film. Theoretically, these potential differences can be utilized to re-oxidize only certain metals in an alloy, thus altering the […]

Jesse Ickes – 2015

Compton Scattering Cross Sections in Strong Magnetic Fields: Advances for Neutron Star Applications Research Advisor: Dr. Peter Gonthier Various telescopes including RXTE, INTEGRAL, Suzaku, and Fermi have detected steady non-thermal X-ray emission in the 10 – 200 keV band from strongly magnetic neutron stars known as magnetars. Magnetic inverse Compton scattering is believed to be […]