Elizabeth Lindquist – 2015

PIXE-PESA Analysis to Determine Metalloprotein Stoichiometry Research Advisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung While approximately a third of all proteins are metalloproteins, their stoichiometric ratios are still largely unknown. Current elemental analysis procedures are capable of determining which metals are in a protein, but it is difficult to determine how many. To address this, an ion beam […]

Jaclyn Brett – 2015

Analysis of 25F and 22O Nuclei from a 27Ne Ion Beam Research Advisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung and Dr. Graham Peaslee The nuclear structure of a state in a given isotope is determined by which nucleons occupy the bound and unbound energy levels. This state determines the energy of decay, which can be calculated from the […]

Sarah Caballero – 2015

Spin-dependent cyclotron total widths in strong magnetic fields Research Advisor: Dr. Peter Gonthier We are developing compact, analytical expressions of the cyclotron total spin-dependent widths, or lifetimes, of excited Landau states.  These widths are required in our recent Compton scattering developments for strong-field magnetar magnetospheres.  We begin with the analytics for the spin-dependent widths presented […]

Richard Huizen – 2015

  Temperature Dependence of Signal Intermodulation in a YBCO Resonator Research Advisor: Dr. Stephen Remillard Temperature and magnetic field dependence of second and third order intermodulation distortion levels (IMD2 and IMD3 respectively) were investigated for a type II superconducting resonator circuit.  The circuit was comprised of a thin film of YBCO deposited on a substrate […]

Braden Marks – 2015

Population of 13Be in Nucleon-Exchange Reactions Research Advisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung Neutron-unbound nuclei are traditionally formed by the removal of one or more nucleons from a fast beam of ions. This method often results in a background, which is difficult to separate from the particle of interest. Nucleon-removal entrance-channels also require the ion beam to […]