Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) Career Changers Wanted!

Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) Career Changers Wanted!

Boston University is looking to enroll STE career changers and recent physics, engineering or chemistry degree holders in a National Science Foundation funded Noyce Master of Teaching (MAT) scholar and service program and general MAT scholar program in teaching.

The Noyce MAT program provides for a full scholarship (valued at ~60K) covering the summer of 2017 and fall/spring semesters of 2017/18. Upon awarding of the Master of Teaching degree from the School of Education, the Noyce Scholar is obligated to provide teaching services within a high needs school district for two years. A few examples of high needs school districts in the Boston area are Boston, Randolph, Somerville, Cambridge, Chelsea, Revere and Malden.

If you are interested in finding out more about these scholarship and service opportunities and/or other physics or chemistry teaching opportunities, kindly contact Mark D. Greenman at

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