Kyle McLellan works on microstrip structures in microwave lab

Kyle McLellan was caught designing some rather unique microstrip structures using method-of-moments IE3D from Zeland Software. This is one of the numerous professional tools used in the Microwave Lab to ensure that our cutting edge R&D is competitive at the international level.

The Microwave Lab

Cameron Recknagel and Evan Pease are assembling a vacuum chamber for an experiment in plasma generation in the microwave lab. The gas in the chamber is subjected to a high microwave field which causes an avalanche of ionization events. Cameron will analyze the optical emission spectra to understand the role of collision frequency on the electronic transitions in the plasma.

Nuclear group at NSCL

The experiment on 21C is currently in unscheduled off as some repairs are made to the cyclotron here at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab. In one picture we see Eric working on some data analysis while waiting for the beam. The other picture shows that he is actually the experimenter-in-charge for the experiment (upper right corner, click on the image).