Physics students participate in Hope tradition (Nykerk).

Physics majors Maggie Haeussler (center, hands raised) and Gillian Donley (far right, top hat) compete in Nykerk as cast members of the Even Year Play. Nykerk is an annual song, play, and oration competition between the women of Even year (freshman class of 2026) and Odd Year (sophomore class of 2025). Each class presents a short choir piece, a one person speech, and a one act play about Hope College. Gillian appears as Jack H. Miller, namesake of the Music Center and Maggie appears as Dutch, the personification of Hope Spirit.

Research with the particle accelerator continues.

Bishop (Hope’26) is doing research using Hope College’s particle accelerator. He is holding up a thin piece of mylar and a practice sample. The mylar will reduce the beam energy of the particle accelerator to estimated levels of space radiation that could hit and potentially damage solar cells used in outer space.