Physics Seminar by Dr. Kyuil Cho, Thursday (3/28) at 11 am – VDW104

Title: Room temperature superconductor! Is it possible?
Abstract: Superconductor is a material that shows two special properties: zero resistance and Meissner effect (expulsion of magnetic field) below its critical temperature. Thanks
to these special properties, this material has been used in many applications such as
superconducting wires, medical device MRI, superconducting magnets in particle
accelerators and plasma Tokamak reactors, and qubits for quantum computers.
Recently there has been a rapid development on high temperature superconductors
and their superconducting critical temperatures approach almost room temperature.
In this seminar, this exciting development will be reviewed, and the possibility of room
temperature superconductors will be discussed. Furthermore, the recent research
obtained by Hope College superconductivity research group will be discussed with
some exciting superconductivity demos (zero resistance and magnetic levitation).

Speaker: Dr. Kyuil Cho


B.S., Physics, Hanyang University, South Korea, 1998
M.S., Physics, Hanyang University, South Korea, 2000
Ph.D., Physics, Clark University, USA, 2009
Postdoc at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA, 2009-2010
Postdoc at Ames National Laboratory, USA, 2010-2014
Staff scientist at Ames National Laboratory, USA, 2014 – 2021
Assistant Professor at Hope College, USA, 2022 – present

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