Summer Research Program 2019

2018 Summer Research Students and Faculty

Apply online at

Choose from a range of externally funded research projects:

The dates for the 2019 Research Program are May 20 to July 26, unless otherwise indicated.

Students selected for the Summer Research Program will receive a stipend. Housing assistance is also provided if the student lives on campus. The full details of the stipend and housing assistance amount are still being determined.

Incoming Hope College students hired for the Bridge Research Program will be paid at a reduced rate for a duration to be arranged. Students interested in Bridge Research should contact the Department at

Applications will be reviewed starting February 11, 2019. We do not anticipate offering any positions to students from other institutions in 2019.

For more information contact us at

In recent years, funding for the Summer Research Program has been provided by:

National Science Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Department of Energy
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Michigan Space Grant Consortium
Hope College Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Fund
Hope College Dean for Natural and Applied Sciences
Hope College Bibart Research Fund
Hope College Department of Physics
Hope College Department of Physics Dr. Harry and Jeannette Frissel Research Fund
Hope College Department of Physics L.T. Guess Research Fund

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