SPS this Week

  • SPS will meet at the usual time this week on Wednesday, October 26 from 4:30 to 5:30 in Vanderwerf 102.

Problem of the Week

Dr. Matt Scientist, acclaimed owner of the Impossible Object Factory (or the IOF for short) is performing tests on his newest creation, the Frictionless Table With A Small Hole In The Center (or FTWASHITC for short). One of these tests involves threading a IOF-Certified Massless Rope through the small hole, tying a disk of mass m to the end, and inducing circular motion about the center of the the table with the disk. After observing that the disk moves with speed Vo with radius Ro, Matt ties a weight of mass M to the other end of the rope.

What is the work done on the disk of mass m after the disk completes one-half of its new revolution?


Send a written answer to this question, as well as a username you would like to be referred by, to jason.gombas@hope.edu. We will publish the username of any student who helps Dr. Matt Scientist test his new creation.

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